The Musa Çitil Case

A case was brought against Mardin, Derik Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Musa Çitil in 2012 due to the illegal and arbitrary execution and enforced disappearance of 13 individuals in between the years 1992-1994 on account of “killing more than one persons for the same reason”. Upon the demand of the Ministry of Justice and the approval of the 5th Criminal Department of the Supreme Court, the case was transferred to Çorum where he was tried without arrest on May 21, 2014, during the summary judgment hearing and acquitted. The file was appealed and the 1st Penal Department of the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the lower court. During the proceedings at the lower court Musa Çitil was serving in the Ankara Section of the Gendarmerie Commandership and he was promoted to Major General at the yearly meeting of the Supreme Military Council on June 8, 2015.

Musa Çitil was promoted to Diyarbakır Regional Gendarmerie Commander on August 8, 2015, and then, on July 22, 2017, to the post of Gendarmerie General Commander’s Aide.

Case Start Date


Court Name

2nd High Penal Court of Çorum


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Mardin Derik Gendarmerie Commander at the time Musa Çitil, currently Diyarbakir Sector Gendarmerie Commander


Seydoş Çeviren, Yusuf Çeviren, Abide Çeviren, Ahmet Çeviren, Ramazan Çeviren, Mehmet Nejat Arıs, Piro Ay, Vejdin Avcıl, Mehmet Erek, Ramazan Erek, Ahmet Erek, Mustafa Aydın and Mehmet Faysal Ötün


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